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Cash in on the benefits

Do you want to save on your energy bill? Increase your property value? Reduce your impact on the environment? Be less reliant on the grid and in fact, make money from selling excess power back to the grid?

We understand that investing in solar is a big decision. Will it be of benefit to you and your lifestyle? Do you work from home? Are you a stay at home parent? Retired? Is your home positioned to make the most of a solar system? Do you have refrigerated heating/cooling systems? (Do you want to run these for free?) There are many questions to ask yourself.

Our future is solar but if you are using large amounts of electricity during daylight hours this is the time for you to make the move.

We are here to chat, open and honestly about what will work for you and your needs.

State & Federal grants are also available to help you make your decision. Click the link to find out if you are eligible for a $1400 state rebate on your system.

Solar & Battery Systems: Welcome


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Ideal for households of 1-2 people. Will give you an average of 20kW per day.

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Ideal for households of 3-4 people. Will give you an average of 26.4kW per day.

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Ideal for households of 5-6 people. Will give you an average of 40kW per day.

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Are you a business using great amounts of electricity during the day? You benefit the most from Solar. Let the sun work for you and slash your electricity bill.

Contact us today for a quote.

Solar & Battery Systems: Services


Make the best use of your power

Batteries are an optional extra to your solar system, however, they are a great long-term investment. A battery system gives you the ability to store your excess power that you have generated during sunlight hours to use when the sun goes down.

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Solar & Battery Systems: About
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